Chimney & Fireplace Maintenence

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Chimney Sweep

A healthy chimney should be professionally cleaned of carcinogenic creosote buildup every one to two years. Our highly trained sweeps will have your chimney breathing clear in under an hour with our mess-free guarantee.

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Safety Inspections

Annual inspections help insure the safety of your home by catching minor problems before they become disastrous.  For your peace of mind, we offer both Level I (standard) and Level II (video) inspections.

Looking for a Sweep & Inspection?

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We service & install GAS appliances!

Chimney Repairs

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Chimney Masonry

Freeze-thaw cycles take a toll on your bricks. Whether its tuck-pointing or a full chimney rebuild, our masonry specialists know how to best restore the strength and beauty of your home.

Crown Repairs

The crown is your chimneys primary barrier of defense against water damage.  A fiber-reinforced-concrete crown will be its long term defender. Resurfacing will extend its life by keeping hairline cracks at bay.

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Fireplace & Furnace Reline

Gaps in your flue can lead to fire risks and the dangerous release of carbon monoxide into your home.  Installing a stainless steel flue liner brings modern safety to your home.

Interior Improvements

Your fireplace embodies the warm comforts of home. Its combination of beauty and functionality makes it the focal point of any room. Keep it looking its best. Find out how we can help improve its appearance.

Professional Installation

Unit Installation

  • Wood Burning Stoves
  • Gas Log Sets & Inserts
  • Faux Chimneys
  • Pre-fabs
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  • Refactory Pannels
  • Chase Covers
  • Rain Caps
  • Dampers & More

How can we help improve your home?

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